A passionalte traveller from a very young age, business owner, entrepreneur and wild swimmer, Kitty excels in meticulous itineraries and organisation with firsthand experience of many countries, cultures and environments including Africa, South-East Asia, Australia, Central America, USA and Europe. Kitty cannot wait to help you plan your next incredible adventure. She has a particularly strong focus on sustainable travel.


Kitty first started travelling in her late teens, firstly exploring Western Europe by Interail including France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Greece where her passion for travel began, especially by land and sea.

Her love of swimming and scuba-diving took her to South-East Asia and Australia where she settled for extended periods teaching English and taking her first steps as a Legal Secretary/PA.

Work has then followed from Bangkok to Canberra and leading to London where Kitty honed her skills in the fields of advertising and law as a PA to MDs and SVPs in both major law firms but also inhouse at Universal Pictures. In these positions she has been involved making extensive travel arrangements and organising business conferences all over the world including Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, Ukraine and beyond.

Having travelled extensively and worked in such exacting environments where attention to detail is paramount has given Kitty a unique understanding of how travel works and its many varied requirements. It is important to her that the customer has the best experience and is always looking to give that something extra.

Since being bitten by the travel bug Kitty worked to travel all around the world to such places as Central America (six months’ backpacking from Mexico to Panama) and Africa (eight months backpacking Kenya to South Africa). Highlights include completing her PADI Advanced Course in Utila (one of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras) and going on safari in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

Kitty is ready to make her customers’ dreams come true specialising in the train travel and cruise sectors. Not only are these such sublime ways to travel where your journey is very much your holiday right from the get-go, but they are also wonderfully sustainable, which we can all get on board with.

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